It’s funny how once you take a break from the major things -such as school- in your life all the little things around you start to fall apart.

I’ve been on holiday for one week and so far my routine has changed drastically. From waking up at 5am and getting ready to leave the house before 6:50, to waking up at 8:45 and barely ready to do anything by 10.

So what have I done with my week?

well, I’ve watched 20 hours worth of K-dramas and roughly 10 hours worth of youtube videos covering all sorts of topics. I’ve been to the gym twice and done a decent amount of walking around the city. I went to piano class twice and violin once, I also started learning Korean.
I haven’t done NOTHING, but I still feel like I haven’t done enough. There has been no progress on the garden. I think I’m going have to start in small garden pots then slowly work onto bigger projects.

This is my weekly update and hopefully, next weeks is more interesting.

But until then,

-your curly haired comrade

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