Exam Session

Well hello there, 

It has been a hot minute since I last posted anything and the only reason for that is School. The last six months have been School, school and more school. But I am pleased to announce that we are nearing the end of that tunnel.
Sticking to the motif of mountains on the blog we are at the final camp before reaching the summit. The final stages are the toughest, this is where our patience, perseverance and endurance will be tested. The last two years of training were for these last few steps to the top of the mountain. Now, I’m not saying once we reach the top that’s the end. No, once we reach the top of this mountain our view of the world will improve and we’ll see taller mountains to climb. But we have to get there first.

My exams start in less than two days and I’m nervous, excited and glad to have made it this far. I’ve had to keep telling myself to not give up and give it my all because these are the last few moments where I have a chance to do so. I want to be able to say that whatever the outcome I gave it my all and I’m proud of that. If you’re reading this as well and you’ve got exams coming up don’t worry and don’t stress because regardless of the outcome there are better things coming your way.

I’ve got lots of things to start writing about but I’ll probably upload them once my exams are over. Anyway, Good luck to those of who sitting exams for the IB diploma or just end of year exams !!

‘It might be dusty and 
hidden away, but it
is there somewhere 
inside of you: the heart
of a survivor. Courage.
Tenacity. Strength

So don’t shy away from
the hard times, they are
your chance to shine.

Struggle develops 
strength and storms
make you stronger.’

-Bear Grylls

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