A Change of Plans

Since September 1st every second thought has been about Korea. Life in Korea, cuisine in Korea, weather in Korea and the Korean language. Even though I had exams and graduation to think about, every time I found myself sitting idle my thoughts would direct towards student life in Korea.

In early September 2019, I started my application process for the undergraduate Global Korean scholarship and what an experience it has been. I always loved Korea and the people and culture but never in my wildest dreams did I expect to spend the next five years of my life there. I learnt many lessons during the application process and had to jump out of my comfort zone many times- I haven’t even left the country yet. The first lesson was that although it is fun to plan your future and think about how your future is going to be like don’t fix your mind on your plan. Instead, keep it more like a goal or idea as it’s very important to keep an open mind because you don’t want to lose out on any opportunities.

When I entered high school I had a dream of becoming an architect and I would study in Australia, graduate, work for a little bit and then come back to Fiji and design beautiful houses. That changed when I started senior year; I still wanted to study in Australia but I decided to pursue a career in property valuation. University in Sydney sounded so ideal for me, all my closest friends were going to universities in Sydney, I had some family there and I already knew my way around. University in Sydney still sounds perfect, it would be much easier to transition into and I wouldn’t have to worry about social life cause my classmates would already be there. The perfect plan for the perfect future.

However, that perfect plan is not going to be the one for me. Instead, for the next five years, I will be studying in Korea under the Global Korean Scholarship. A friend told me that Korea is the non-generic option that not many people get to experience. He was right, although it’s going to be scary I’m sure it’s going to be really fun and different. I will also come out of it with a new language skill and a much better understanding of the cultures around me.

I’m going to be stepping way out of my comfort zone for this one but I’m sure it’s all for the best. These blog posts are not complete without a quote from Bear Grylls so this is the one I’m going to keep with me for the next few months as I try and adjust to life in Korea.

“The thing about a ‘comfort zone’ is that it sounds, well, too comfortable. I call it a comfort pit, because a pit is somewhere you want to get out of as fast as possible”
– Bear Grylls

So yeah, keep an open mind and say yes to opportunities that come your way because you never know how it may change your life and you don’t want to have any regrets later. Don’t always settle for easy if it means missing out on once in a lifetime’s experiences.


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