My Pacific Harbour Adventure

Two months ago, a few friends and I decided that it would be awesome to celebrate the end of our high school life by going away on a beach holiday for a few days. I’m not really a big fan of the beach but after two years of IB, I was ready for a weekend of lazing around in the sun and doing nothing all day. I made a short video of all the things we got up to as a way to look back and remember the fun times I had.

This uprising holiday was the first trip where we had to organize everything ourselves. We were responsible for booking accommodation, creating our own budgets and finding the money to fund our little trip. It was a fun experience it was our first taste of complete independence and travelling alone- even if it was only 40 minutes away from Suva >_<. I had an awesome time with my friends and I had a lot of fun editing this video so please check it out.

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