22 hours in New Zealand

22 hours. Not even a whole day in New Zealand. What did I get up to and how did I spend my time? And why was I there for only 22 hours?

I was in New Zealand for 22 hours because that was my only way to get to Korea. Hong Kong airport is off-limits and Japan might as well be due to the recent coronavirus outbreak. So, I had to transit through New Zealand in order to catch my connecting flight to Incheon the next day.

I arrived in Auckland, New Zealand at 12:35pm on Sunday the 24th of February, managed to leave the airport at around 1:30pm and take a cab to Onehunga -a suburb not too far from the airport but managed to cost about $50 NZD 0_0. I arrived at my friend’s house and chilled for about 30 minutes. We then walked to a local shopping centre that had a large variety of different shopping outlets, this meant that there were many top brands at discounted prices. HOWEVER, I was on serious business to buy the necessities as I didn’t really have any more room in my suitcase.
What did I buy? Most of my money was spent at the local pharmacy buying K-95 masks ($10 NZD EACH?!), cod liver oil tablets and hand sanitizer. Apart from that, I also managed to get some geo thermals as I’ve been told that I’m am going to be very cold in Korea. After shopping, we found a Nandos, bought some lunch and caught up on all that has happened to each other in the last 3 months. When lunch was over my friend and I made our way back to her house and I spent my time catching up on social media -.-

At 5pm, I said farewell to my friend and met another family friend who I would be spending the rest of my time in New Zealand with. She and her husband had recently bought a campervan so we spent the afternoon walking around a beautiful park with many trees and farm life. We then had tea in the ‘common living area’ of the campervan. It was my first time in a campervan and I was surprised how efficient it was. There was a kitchen area which included a stove, grill, sink and fridge along with enough pantry space to store food. There was also a bathroom area with a small sink and toilet; then, we had the living space which seemed like just a couch but then folded out to a double bed. The Campervan was a retired ambulance that had been refurbished to become someone’s home. I was really fascinated by the whole thing.

Anyway, after that small adventure, we made our way to her house- which I had been to when I was in New Zealand a few years ago. The evening was spent chatting over dinner and eventually, I got tired and started figuring out my luggage situation and face timing my friends.

I fell asleep around 11pm and was awake at 4:45 the next morning getting ready for my 6 am taxi that would take me to the airport. I had a shower, messaged my friends in Korea and had a quick breakfast. At 6:15, I was in a cab making my way back to Auckland airport, I arrived at around 6:45, checked in at 7am and went through security. I spent a long time walking around the airport and exploring all the shops. I ended up buying a new hoodie, a new plug (Korean electric sockets are different from Fijian ones) and some snacks for the plane. I bought my favourite McDonalds chai latte ( I had no idea it would be my last chai latte for a while) and looked for my gate. At 10 am,  our Korean Airways flight started its taxi and we were in the air by 10:30am. My 22 hours in New Zealand was well spent with shopping, socializing and enjoy the pleasure of being in an English speaking country.

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