My First Week in Korea

For the last three months, I’ve been mentally preparing myself to move to Korea; and before my departure, I felt quite ready. I had watched all the YouTube videos there were about moving into Korean university dorms, I had asked enough questions to know what I was getting myself into. HOWEVER, I was not prepared for a world-wide pandemic where Asia was the hotspot. Arriving in Korea was probably the scariest thing because everyone had been warning me about the new virus and that it was spreading really fast so I was cautious with everything. I made a mental note of every surface I touched, was always looking for people who looked ill ( it didn’t help that a woman was throwing up at Nadi airport before we got the plane -.-). Travelling alone is already stressful and this whole virus drama made it even more stressful. However, I managed to arrive in Korea safely and my temperature was fine. The first night in my dorm was interesting, I arrived to an empty dorm room because my roommate was away on holiday. I was glad to have the place to myself because it gave me time to settle down and arrange all my stuff without the extra person. I don’t remember much from that night as I was exhausted from a 10-hour flight except waking up at 3am shivering because I was freezing. I didn’t know that I had to physically turn on the heating before I went to bed. After a cold night, I woke up to a misty view of the city. My first day in Busan was very wet and cold; it was slightly depressing I wished I had my red polka-dot umbrella and wished it was warm enough to wear my famous pink raincoat.

We started the day by going to the bank and opening new accounts where our allowance would be transferred to. We also went to Daiso to buy all the necessary items for our dormitory. In Australia, going to Daiso was my favourite part of the trip but when I went to Daiso here in Korea; I found myself feeling a bit sad because I couldn’t really enjoy the fun parts of Daiso (cute stationery and stickers). Instead, I had to make sure I had pans, cooking utensils, and laundry detergent. It was a really boring shopping trip but I managed to buy a lot of things that made my living space more comfortable. We also went to Home-plus which is one of the main supermarket franchises here and I bought some cereal, eggs and other random things. While shopping, I was able to find make some friends and we bought stuff together. It was really great to have some people to talk to as I hadn’t really spoken to anyone since I was in New Zealand. After the massive shopping trip, we went back to the dorms I had a shower TURNED ON THE HEATING and went straight to bed as my first day in Korea was slightly overwhelming.

This pretty much happened every day for the first week because as soon as I got home I realized that there were other things I needed to buy. By the end of the week, I was tired of Daiso and was tired of buying food all the time. Why do I need to eat three times a day? It means I have to go shopping for food more -.- I also came to a realization that in Fiji, we are really lucky to have fruit markets that sell fruit at extremely cheap prices because here in Korea fruit is really expensive and you’re considered lucky to find a bunch of Bananas for $7FJD or a bowl of Strawberries for $10FJD.

Because of the virus, my first week in Korea wasn’t that exciting but hopefully, at some point, we’ll be able to go exploring and learn more about our city.

2 thoughts on “My First Week in Korea

  1. Interesting read Bua … I am enjoying all your updates… I smiled and felt a little sad as I read through ..BUT you are a tough cookie …the girl from Dratabu, Nadi .. “Qu vucukia na vuravura qa toso” thats the highly well known word/saying for the “kai Nadi”.. meaning “Punch the world and it will move” … Best of luck and enjoy every moment. Loads of love and best wishes from Mac Namara Office @ 99 Gordon St..Suva.

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