My Mini Hiking Adventure

Due to the coronavirus sight-seeing and exploring the city of Busan has been quite difficult because we are advised to stay indoors and avoid public spaces. But one can only stay indoors for so long. So this weekend two of my friends and I decided that we would climb the mountain that is located on our university campus. It was a way for us to get some fresh air, do some physical exercise and hang out and get to know each other a bit better. We also managed to have a picnic at the top of the mountain which was really fun and I feel like there will be many more picnics in the near future.

Usually climbing mountains scare me a little because I never feel like I’ve trained enough to make it to the top but I always do even if I’m exhausted afterwards. However, our dorm is built on a hill and literally walking anywhere requires effort so my body was ready for the hike. It took about 2 hours through a small forest, there were lots of rocks and leaves so we had to constantly watch our step. One thing I don’t recommend is hiking in converse because these shoes don’t have the best grip, they’re also quite flat and don’t give your feet proper cushioning for walking long distances.

From going on school camps, one thing that was emphasized to us was to walk at the pace of your slowest member. However, this was not the case when hiking with my two new and it was quite stressful as they weren’t really aware of this unspoken rule. Luckily it wasn’t the middle of nowhere and we were following a readymade track so there was no chance of anyone getting lost.

After about an hour of hiking, we got to a rest stop that had a small spring where people could get fresh water. There was also a small area full of metal bars and exercise machines. Seeing the empty machines made me really miss my friend Toma because every Saturday we would either go to the gym together or go to the milo bars at the seawall and workout together. When I saw the machines my first thought was ‘we should really come here and workout’ then I realized that that was very unlikely. On a side note a lot of people have been asking me if I feel homesick and I don’t feel super homesick but when I see certain things that remind me of home then I feel sad. Like seeing the exercise machines on the mountain or if I see a cat lazing around in the sun.

Anyway, after taking a short break at the spring we continued our hike to the top which took another hour. By the time we reached the top, we were all extremely tired and hungry. Luckily my friends had planned this in advanced and brought food and a picnic mat so we were able to have a small picnic looking at the city from the top of the hill. The view wasn’t as scenic as I had imagined climbing to the top but it was still beautiful even if there were many trees blocking most of the view.  We got a lot of stares from the other people climbing the mountain as though it was strange for teenagers to spend their weekend climbing mountains. Everyone else climbing the mountain seemed to be over the age of fifty and they knew their way around the mountain really well. I’m not really sure of the circumference of the mountain but I do know that we got lost on the way down and ended up on the other side of town and had to take at 45-minute bus ride back to our dorm. The way down was fun because we got to see some cherry blossoms and we also got to see a different side of town. I definitely want to go exploring again soon especially when the weather gets warmer because there were lots of gardens that I’m sure will look really beautiful when the flowers start blooming.

Today’s adventure was great because I got some fresh air and got to see explore places around my dorm. I look forward to seeing more parts of Busan, I really want to go to the beach one day.

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