Busan Sea Life Aquarium

This weekend was one of my GKS friend’s birthday. Since it was his 18th birthday which is quite a big celebration, a group of us decided we would surprise him by going to the famous Haeundae beach and having a picnic as the weather was warm and the sun was out. We managed to set up a small picnic spot and bought some goodies from a nearby bakery. We bought some sandwiches, croissants, jam rolls and of course a birthday cake which was a cream cake with lots of fruit on the top.  My friend was really surprised and I could tell he was really enjoying his day. I think it was important to do something to get his mind off being away from his family.

When we were planning this picnic, we saw that there was an aquarium right by the beach which looked really cool and decided it would be fun to go there. I thought this was perfect as I hadn’t really done anything ‘touristy’ since arriving in Korea. The aquarium cost about 20,000 won (about $40FJD) which was cheaper than other aquariums that I’ve been to in the past. We paid at the door and because of the virus, before entering the aquarium we each had to get our temperature checked. 20200426_153649Walking into the first section of the aquarium you would think you were at a reptile park as everything was dark and ‘foresty’.  There were fake plants everywhere and small tanks with frogs, there were also tanks with different varieties of piranha and electric eels. The atmosphere in this section of the aquarium was quite spooky and dark which made everything more exciting.20200426_154130

We then walked into the second section of the aquarium and this was by far my favourite part of the aquarium. This section was what made Busan Sealife Aquarium unique compared to the other places I’ve been to in the past. It was a fashion themed section with props that you could take photos with and there were fish tanks in giant shoes and nail polish bottles, it was really creative. We had a lot of fun taking photos in this section of the aquarium.

The next section of the aquarium was your typical walk through tunnel where the fish swim above you. Another thing that was really cool about this aquarium was that for an extra 7,000 won you were able to go in a glass-bottom boat around the biggest fish tank in the aquarium. People who were walking through the fish tunnel were able to look up and see the boat above them. On the boat, we were each given a cup of shrimp and we were allowed to feed the fish. From the glass bottom boat, I was able to see a turtle, some sharks and stingrays. Being in the boat made me realize how big the tank actually was and in a way made me miss the small fish tank at ISS. After about three hours at the aquarium, we decided that it was time to leave. The aquarium was closing soon and we didn’t really want to create our version of ‘Night at the Aquarium’ especially with Napoleon (humphead wrasse) swimming around starring each of us down.


Walking around the aquarium staring at all the fish seemed to have worked up quite the appetite so we decided since we were by the seaside it would be nice to try some Seafood soup. The perfect meal to have after going to an aquarium and staring at fish -.-. Once we had had our dinner we spent the rest of the evening walking through Haeundae playing games at the arcade and trying to win as many stuffed toys as we could. This trip to Haeundae was an amazing one and I really hope to go to Haeundae more often as the weather gets warmer and just enjoy the whole atmosphere because it really is a beautiful place.


I’ve been doing a lot of research on fun places around Busan that I need to visit during my one year of language study. I’ve made a list of cool places to go and visit which include cafes, lookout spots and tourist attractions. Stay tuned to any updates by subscribing to my blog so you don’t miss out on any new posts!  forget to like and subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out on any new posts.


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