Busan Tower

This weekend was a really jam-packed weekend full of fun activities. As the Corona situation in Korea is improving, places are starting to open up and people are starting to move around again. Which means that we’ve become more anxious to explore the city. For foreign students like me and my classmates, it’s the perfect time to do all the sightseeing and photo-taking because there aren’t masses of people standing in the background of your photos. Due to the travel restrictions, there are no tourists around, and the ones that you do come across ar leftovers that weren’t able to catch flights back home.

Originally, we just planned to go to Nampo-dong and do some walking around since the weather was warm and sunny. Nampo-dong is where I was a few weeks earlier at the pet café (My First Pet Café). From the Nampo-dong station, we were within walking distance of Busan tower which I had never been to before. I had read about it and seen a few photos but I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Between the station and the tower, there was a hill that needed to be conquered before enjoying the rest of the day. When my friend said hill I was reminded of the Busan Skyline hike (Busan Skyline) and suddenly lost all interest to visit this famous tourist attraction. Luckily there were two really steep escalators that made getting to the top effortless. It took around three minutes on the escalator and would’ve taken us about an hour to walk up. The escalator takes us to the base of the tower which is also a famous park called Yongdusan Park (용두산공원). I found walking around this park really cool and really interesting because I am currently in the middle of watching a Korean Drama called ‘The King (더 깅)’ which is filmed here in Busan about two parallel universes.

There are a few historical scenes that include some historical sights that can be found here in Busan. One of these sights was a statue of Yi sun-shin, a navy admiral who was celebrated for his work in the war defending the Korean waters against Japanese invasions. Another famous sight that was at this park was a statue of a dragon which translates to Yong-du in Korean. The face of the mountain is shaped similar to that of a dragon hence the name Yong-du mountain. The final famous sight in this park was the Cheokhwabi monument which is a traditional Korean building with a bell inside that is only rung twice a year. This was really interesting to see in person because I remember when I was initially taking Korean lessons in Fiji we spent a lesson learning about the different colours and paints used to paint these types of houses and to see them in person was really cool.

However, we didn’t come all this way to look at these historical monuments,  we came for the tower. Busan Tower is one of the main attractions here in Busan; from a distance, it reminded me of the Sydney Tower Eye- but not as tall. To get to the top we first had to each pay 8000 KRW which is equivalent to roughly 16 FJD or 8 USD. Once you pay, you then wait in line to go up in the elevator but because of corona there wasn’t a line and we were able to go right through. From the top of the tower, the view of the city was impressive. Busan is a very big city, there are many skyscrapers. We were just above the Lotte department store which is one of the biggest in Korea. There was also a view of the wharf and all the containers ships we could also see the famous ferry that goes from Busan to Japan. We spent about half an hour at the top of the tower trying to figure out what everything was and also enjoying the gift shop that was at the top of the tower. Once we had absorbed as much as we could from the view that seemed of 8,000 KRW worth we took the long elevator ride back down to the bottom. Walking out of the elevator there was a pleasant surprise for us. There were some photo stations where we could each take photos there were different backdrops ranging from a black and white city to a glow in the dark city and there was also a room full of lights and mirrors that played around with our vision which was really fun.

When my friend said let’s go to Busan tower this weekend I wasn’t all that excited but afterwards I was really happy and really enjoyed myself. I think one of the main things for me was walking around the park because I’m watching a drama where some scenes were shot in this park and I’m walking through the same parts only a day after the episode was released. In Fiji, that’s almost impossible unless you watched ‘Adrift’ or a movie filmed in Fiji which is not very common. We did a few other interesting things today but I think I’m going to keep that for next week because this is already too long.



I’ve been doing a lot of research on fun places around Busan that I need to visit during my one year of language study. I’ve made a list of cool places to go and visit which include cafes, lookout spots and tourist attractions. Stay tuned to any updates by subscribing to my blog so you don’t miss out on any new posts!  forget to like and subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out on any new posts.


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