My GKS Application Process: part 2.


I’ve been meaning to post this for a few months now but never got around to it. Since some students are starting to do research and prepare for the September application round, I thought I would continue the series. So this is what happened after I got through the 2nd selection round.

About a week after my interview, I received an email from the Korean embassy in Fiji telling me that my application had been reviewed and that they would be sending my application along with another applicant’s application to NIIED. I was ecstatic as that meant I had a 50% chance of going to Korea for my university education. This then meant that I had to wait for the 2nd round of successful candidates announcement on the study in Korea website.

22nd November 2019
When the 2nd round of successful candidates announcement was released I was surprised to see my name on the list. I had actually done it and that meant that I was one step closer to receiving this scholarship. With this announcement I had to submit a medical report and wait for my universities to accept me. This was the scary part as I wasn’t sure whether or not my grades were good enough to get accepted into a Korean university. I applied to Yonsei University, Korea University and Seoul National University and had to wait for them to email me regarding my enrolment. Now, that I’m in Korea and have spoken to other students. The way I chose my universities was actually quite risky as I went for the top 3 in the country; usually, you include a safety choice incase your priority choices don’t accept you. To my surprise, I managed to get accepted into both Yonsei University and Korea University and was really excited. I was also rejected from SNU; however, this made my decision between SNU and Yonsei much easier as there was only one option >_<. 

Apart from university acceptance, I also had to undergo some medical tests to ensure that I didn’t have any chronic diseases. This included blood, urine and stoole tests as well as an X-ray and a general medical checkup from a doctor. This was probably my least favourite part of the whole application process as I am no fan of doctors or hospitals and being stuck in one for a day was a bit nerve-wrecking. It was also my first time being alone at the hospital so it was a new experience. I’m guessing that made me get over my fear of hospitals a bit easier (however, I’m not going to lie I still hate the places)

Once I had chosen my university and completed my medical report, all that was left was to wait and see whether I had made it through to the final round of successful candidates. I would also find out which city I would spend my first year at and which language centre I would go to. This announcement would be made in early January which is about a month of waiting.

Ps. Here is the link to part one incase you missed it.
My GKS Application Process Part 1: The physical application and the Interview

I hope this three-part series about my GKS application process was informative. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below. Stay tuned by subscribing to my blog as I write more about my Korean language university and the daily life here at Dongseo University.



4 thoughts on “My GKS Application Process: part 2.

  1. Hello again 😁
    I just wanted to ask in regards with the GPA section that we have to fill in the application form there’s also a part that says RANK.
    So the rank that we have to give is it supposed to be within a class (eg.out of 38 students) Or within the entire grade level?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi 🙂
      So I would put the ranking within the class. However, when I applied I didn’t put that because my school doesn’t have a ranking system. So I think it depends on how your school does the ranking whether as a stream or grade level. I would put stream.. less people makes it look better aha 🙂


  2. I’ve just started writing my Goal of study and study plan and I’ve read other blogs stating that this is where we write about why I chose the 3 universities and the university course and how am I going to achieve your goals. Are they any other important information that I should add for this section?


    1. Hi Atanih,
      For the study plan, you really just have to follow what is written on the application. Yes, I agree that you neeed to write about why you chose each of the universities. If I remeber correctlt the study plan is asking for 3 things. What you will do before korea, during your 1 year langauge and during the 4 years degree. So just write some things in each section (maybe 1-3 points). The study plan doesnt need to be very long, I think they want to make sure that you’ve done your research about your unis and you are planning to work hard while you are here. I also added a short sentence at the end stating my goals for when I complete the scholarship just as a way to show them that I have a goal and how the scholarship will help me reach the goal but I think that last sentence is not needed and you can add it if you want or not.


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