My 19th Birthday Celebration

Last week I turned 19, and it was my first time celebrating my birthday away from my friends. Because I was away from my usual group, I wasn’t really that keen to celebrate my birthday without everyone. However, I was fortunate to have made some amazing friends here in Korea that made my 19th birthday special.

In 2019 I decided to start this habit of writing everything that I do down on my birthday. I thought I would share what I did last year on my birthday and I’ve also written about how I celebrated my birthday this year.

4th June 2019
Today was my 18th birthday. I woke up late by missing two alarms and there were no bananas for my Weet-Bix smoothie. I ended up having eggs and roti for breakfast which was still pretty good. Mike and Olivia didn’t come with us this morning as she wasn’t feeling well. When I got to school, Nadya and Kush sang happy birthday to me and Angela gave me a pineapple backpack; Mira also wrote me a card. We had business with Ms. Pallavi and worked on our assignment. In the afternoon I had a TOK with Mr. Masonis. After school, Angela drove Mira, Ritika, Eileen, Hae June and I to Weta café. Probably the most fun I’ve had in a car. We sang all my favourite songs; we also screamed One Direction at the top of our voices. Mira was in the front being DJ, Hae June was in the boot and I was in the middle with Ritika and Eileen. At Weta, Mira got me a banana smoothie as well as a chocolate waffle with ice cream. I had lots of fun with my friends. I was really glad that all these guys came to celebrate with me. Afterwards, my mum and dad took me to Damordar and bought a new phone. Afterwards, we went to grace road and I got chicken soup for dinner to detox all the sweet stuff. The next day, I invited Olivia, Chloe and Toma to have Korean food with me at Southern Cross. Toma and I love Korean food so we loved the whole thing. It was my first time trying tuna sashimi with wasabi. I think I put too much wasabi because my nose went crazy. I wasn’t a big fan of the sushi but I was glad to have tried it. We also had Bulgogi, gampunghi and Bibimbap. Afterwards, we took a cab to Damordar and had snowy house for dessert. I had tiramisu snow which was one of the best snows I’ve ever had. Toma and the girls had smoothies. I had an awesome night and I have no idea how I will be celebrating my birthday next year.

4th of June,2020
My 19th birthday celebrations started at 12:06 AM on the 4th of June when three of my friends managed to sneak into my room and surprise me on my birthday. They each said happy birthday and handed me a back of different types of chocolate and candy from the convenience store downstairs. I was in a slight state of shock as it was midnight; after a few minutes they said goodnight and left. I managed to fall asleep shortly after they left and woke up the next morning. I woke up late but that’s okay cause it was my birthday. I had a shower and called my aunt as she had called me earlier and I was asleep. She wished me a happy birthday and asked me about my plans for the rest of the day. I didn’t really have anything planned except to get through the next six hours of class. I spent the morning memorizing the words for the vocabulary test and read messages from my friends who wished me a happy birthday. I had oatmeal for lunch with a banana and watched ‘The Good place’. After class Alan, Kami and Zaya told me to grab a coffee with them. I agreed and we went to A Twosome Place and we ordered mango snow, carrot cake and one of the famous whipped coffees. After we went to Daiso because Kami needed some things. Later they showed me this new supermarket that they had discovered. We bought avocados and bread -the things you get excited about as you get older… After that, we decided to get some Korean fried chicken for dinner. We went to a restaurant that is advertised in a drama that I’ve been watching. After dinner, we walked up the hill to our dorms to work off all calories we had just consumed. Back at the dorms Juanita came to my room wished me a happy birthday and stayed and chatted for a while which I really enjoyed. After that, I had to memorize more words for Friday’s vocabulary test. At the beginning of the day, I wasn’t really feeling all that great but my friends managed to make my birthday really fun and really special. I’m also thankful to all the Fiji friends who messaged me and wished me a happy birthday making me feel not so far away from home. Reading what I wrote last year, I really couldn’t have seen myself celebrating my birthday in Korea. In June 2019 moving to Korea wasn’t even in the picture. I’m excited to see what happens next year I’m pretty sure I’ll still be in Korea but with whom and where I celebrate is a surprise and I’m keen to find out.

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