my first boardgame cafe

View from the Restaurant

After a long week of doing mock tests and vocabulary tests, we decided to go to Seomyeon and get some dinner. We were planning to go to a buffet place that served Western food. However, when we arrived at the restaurant there was an 18 table queue and we were really hungry so decided that it would be better to go somewhere else. This week marked my fourth month in Korea away from Fiji and I guess I wanted some western food that wasn’t fried chicken so we went to a Pasta place called ‘Raracost’. In Fiji, we would have pasta about three times a week but being here in Korea but I hadn’t had restaurant-style pasta since leaving Fiji. This place was pretty good and I reckon I’ll be visiting it regularly. After dinner, we did some window shopping and then decided to go to Baskin-Robins for ice-cream. Fiji doesn’t have Baskin-Robins but I’m guessing in other countries it is a popular ice cream chain. Since coming to Korea I’ve enjoyed going there…. I’m a sucker for ice cream ahaha.

After all that it was only about 8 pm and we weren’t quite ready to go back to our dorms so we walked around a bit more so decided to go to this Board Game Café which I had read about on TripAdvisor. It looked really fun and we were planning to take Kami there for her birthday. However, did something else on her birthday so today was perfect since the Boardgame café closes at 2 am. We searched up the café on google maps and realized that the café was in the same building as where we had dinner. It was my first time at a board game café and it wasn’t like anywhere I had been before. When we arrived at the café all the rooms were being used so we had to put down our phone number and wait our turn. It was only a 10-minute wait, they were probably just cleaning the room or re-setting it (life during COVID-19). So while we waited we looked around; there was a wall with all different types of board games displayed. We decided that we would play Jenga first because we couldn’t play anything else. We needed to find games that we already knew how to play or games that were easy enough to understand since all the instructions were in Korean.
Once the room was ready the server took all our temperatures just too make sure none of us had a fever. He also showed us to our room and how to order snacks. One of the requirements at this cafe is that once you’ve played your first game you have to go and order some food. The entry fee is pretty cheap so I guess food and beverages are how they make most of their money. Our little room was on the 2nd floor, we had to remove our shoes and we had to climb up a ladder to get to it which was more exciting than the first floor. The game table was also a low table which meant that we had to sit on the floor. At first, it was fine but two hours later we starting to feel pins and needle and it was getting pretty uncomfortable. We played two rounds of Jenga had a good laugh then we ordered our combo set which was chips, cheese sticks -I’m not a fan sticks of fried cheese but its very popular here in Korea- and smoothies. After that, we started playing another game, I don’t remember the name but each round the cards had to add up to five and the first person to hit the buzzer won the round. It was great, I learnt that my friends are competitive and will do anything to win which made it more fun. We also played Uno and by midnight we had played a year’s worth of Uno and were all tired. When we got out of the café we realized that it was so late that the subway and the only way back to the dorms was by Taxi. Sitting in the taxi I realized I hadn’t been in a proper car in ages, for someone who only used a car to get from place to place it was an interesting realization. Friday nights are always fun whether watching movies in my room or going to dinner with my friends. However, this Friday was a particularly fun one and I reckon that evenings at the board game café are going to become a regular thing.

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