My First Christmas Away from Home

In the early hours of Christmas morning, I sat in bed listening to Christmas music re-living some of my favourite Christmas memories that I’d mentally collected over the years. I think my youngest Christmas memory is sitting on the floor crossed-legged in a position that I’m surprised I can still walk today playing with a new doll or skimming through a new book. My grandpa would be sitting on the couch listening to carols’ and my parents would be standing by the oven discussing whether the potatoes should go in now or in the next 10 minutes.

As I got older the scene that would play in my head when you say Christmas would change. A few years later my parents would still be anxiously standing by the oven discussing the potatoes- you’d think that by now they would’ve taken note somewhere. Now, it would be me sitting on the couch on my phone wishing all my friends a ‘Merry Christmas’. (Typical only child Christmas >_<)

Recently as we started celebrating Christmas in Fiji my best part of Christmas would be the night before where I would meet up with one of my best friends; Toma and I would hang out together until midnight,  we would then wish everyone a ‘Merry Christmas’ and then spend the rest of days with our own families.

This year I spent Christmas with two of my Fiji friends here in Busan. We had dinner together on Christmas Eve and we also had Christmas lunch together. I had a great time talking and spending time with them and I think Christmas would’ve been a bit lonely without them. I still had my annual Christmas countdown with Toma; although virtual, nothing seemed different. And on Boxing day I spent a few hours on the phone with my parents discussing what we all did on Christmas day. On the 27th I had a Secret Santa digital gift exchange with MTTB (Mira, Taka, Tani, Bua). Although I was far away from close friends and family it didn’t feel like it at all because of social media. All in all, I had a good Christmas although it was cold and we had to be weary of COVID we managed to have a good time.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and let’s make the most of this last week of 2020!

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