A sign of life

This week the cherry blossoms started blooming which officially marks the beginning of spring. It’s still a bit too cold in Incheon but slowly flowers and leaves are starting to appear on trees. As they started to show signs of life after a harsh winter, I also decided to make my presence known again on the blog. I’ve spent a lot of time in my hobbit hole so it’s time to start updating my blog again. I hope everyone has been well and staying healthy!

Last week, I was sitting at my table looking out the window – a new pastime- and suddenly remembered that I am the owner of a wordpress blog. It’s been well over a month since I last updated the website. My last post was about completing my 1 year Intensive Korean Language program and that was in mid-January.  We are now nearing the end of March and a lot has happened since then. So what did I get up to in the time I was away?

Despite completing the 1-year intensive course; the first three weeks of my winter break was spent studying Korean as I still had to sit a TOPIK exam to sit. I really wanted to reach level 5 in the January session; unfortunately, I was eight points short of reaching my goal. I guess it just means I need to try harder next time later on in the year.

As soon as the exam was over, I had a week to organise all of my belongings and enjoy the last few moments I had left in Busan before starting the next chapter of my studies in Korea. Our semester didn’t officially start till March but I still had to move out of my dorm room. So my best friends and I booked an Airbnb in the centre of Seoul for two weeks. The Seoul trip was far from exciting; mostly uni prep, corona tests and immigratinon related tasks. Nothing particularly interesting but it was really great having the others around as we were all quite stressed and a little confused about everything.

After two weeks of living together it was time to say goodbye. We had all been under the same roof for a year and done so many things together that it was hard to imagine life without them. This wasnt a sad farewell at all, we would still see eachother regularly (weekly to be precise). But we all were going to different universities and mine happened to be an hour away from seoul in a neighbouring city. 

Arriving at the dorms made me realise that I really was on my own now. This new dorm’s moving in procedure was quite challenging. There were a lot of requirements and procedures that needed to be taken care of before moving in because of corona. After that first hurdle there were many more to come as classes started and course registration periods began. I also felt like I was being put into solitary confinement. This new dorm is situated in quite a newly built city so there still aren’t many people around. In addition, our dormitory is officially closed because of the pandamic which means that there are very few students actually living on campus. So moving into the dorms felt like I was moving into an abandoned hospital or nursing home (all the disinfectant, masks and hand sanitisers adds to the effect). It took me a while to adjust to the eerieness and I still find it a bit too quiet but I’m getting used to spending so much time with myself in silence. 

On the 2nd of March, our classes officially started. However, course registration and classes did not go the way I thought it would or hoped it would. Korean course registration is a warzone and I didn’t quite manage to do it very well. so these days, my schedule is relatively free. I only have three classes but they keep me busy. Two of them are in Korean, so where a class should only take an hour it can take me close to 2 or 3 hours to get through as I have to translate a lot of things and then try and understand the actual concepts – It’s a math class and French class.

Many things  happened in the last month. I’ve been busy with a lot of things, adjusting to the new lifestyle, trying to keep myself motivated and making sure I made time to go out and talk or meet people. Hopefully, now that I’m somewhat settled in I can regularly upload posts and share my new adventures or whatever I feel like writing about with you.

-Bua 🙂

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