Busan’s Hidden Beaches : Part 1 – Songdo Beach (송도해수욕장)

In Busan, there are two main beaches which everyone talks about. All the tourists go to Haeundae while the locals go to Gwangalli. However, there are two more beaches that hardly anyone talks about; Dadaepo (다대포) beach and Songdo (송도) beach. To my luck, before I left Busan, I managed to go to all four of the beaches in Busan.

Songdo Beach is about a 30-minute boat ride from the Nampo-dong subway station. This area is more common for cable cars (or Busan Air cruise) as you can ride them from Songnim Park to Amnam Park and back again. A few months ago my friends and I did this particular day trip starting at the beach and then ending the day with the cable car ride. We spent most of the morning walking around the Songdo area looking at all the seafood restaurants. However, we decided to have lunch at a café overlooking the beach. You may think ‘oh that’s a nice idea’ but to be honest it’s like the tourists ordering MacDonald’s while visiting an exotic country. We went for the safe unadventurous option. I’m not complaining though I still enjoyed having a good slice of cake and an iced drink. We then spent some time walking along the beach. Don’t get me wrong the beach isn’t very big. It roughly stretches out for 100m but it felt a lot bigger as there were hardly any people around. There was also a type of skywalk which we walked across and took many photos. I’m not particularly scared of heights but it was a little scary as we were walking on glass and looking down at waves crashing against the rocks.

By late afternoon, my friends and I decided to buy our tickets as we wanted to ride the cable car at sunset. To our luck, we managed to get our timing right and got to ride across overlooking the ocean and bay as the sun slowly set across the ocean. Once we reached the other side we were not sure what to do. It was getting dark but we had about an hour to explore before we had to go back. As we walked further into the park we realised it was a dinosaur park. So naturally, we walked around and looked at the different dinosaurs that inhabited the park. It wasn’t really what we were expecting but we did have a good laugh. There was a little boy whose dad wanted to show him the dinosaur. There must’ve been a motion sensor on the dinosaur because as the dad got closer to the dinosaur, it started moving and the little boy completely lost it. He starting screaming ‘아빠!!!!!!! 안돼!!!!!! 아빠!!!! (DADDD!!!!! NOOOO!!!!!! DADDD!!!. We all thought that was very funny and cute. I’m not going to lie, I would probably have gotten really scared of the dinosaur too if I was his age.

After the drama of Simba losing his father to a dinosaur, we walked around looking at the resident cats of the park. We also took some photos with ‘le petit prince’ who is also quite well known around Busan. By then the sun had fully set and it was getting quite dark. We had a quick snack at the street-food stalls before riding the cable cars. On the trip back to the mainland the view was very different. It was completely dark so we got to see the city skyline all lit up. We could no longer see the water but looking at all the buildings lit up was very beautiful. We could also see small lights in the distance that looked like stars but were probably cargo ships making their way into the port.

Songdo Beach and the cable cars can often be overlooked due to the major beach attractions in Busan but I recommend visiting the beach as it’s a very different atmosphere to the bigger beaches in Busan.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on fun places around Busan that I need to visit during my one year of language study. I’ve made a list of cool places to go and visit which include cafes, lookout spots and tourist attractions. Stay tuned to any updates by subscribing to my blog so you don’t miss out on any new posts!

Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below. Stay tuned as I write more about my life as an international student here in Korea.

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